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LionWiki was forked from [WiKiss|] version 0.3. This page documents differences between LionWiki 1.0 and WiKiss 0.3. It's not very interesting.

* Internationalization. Everything in WiKiss (templates, help files, even source code) was in french. Most of it was translated into english. LionWiki interface is available in a few languages.
* History compression.
* LionWiki is able to work from just one file (usually index.php), because it includes default language translation, config values and template.
* [Wiki farming|Installation and configuration#Wiki_farming]
* LionWiki can rename pages.
* LionWiki provides password protection for both writing and reading pages (useful for private notebooks, journals).
* New [plugins|Plugins] WhatLinksHere and [Captcha|Captcha plugin], totally rewritten [RSS plugin].
* Several new syntax features like HTML tag, extended local links and links to headings.
* all output is XHTML 1.0 compliant. Rewritten Table of contents, so it doesn't contain headings (which is semantically wrong)
* LionWiki (without plugins) works on both PHP4 and PHP5.
* Greatly simplified and cleaned code
* New default template :)
* Tons of small changes and tweaks