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'''LionWiki''' is a minimalist Wiki engine programmed in PHP. It is extensible, templatable, file based (it doesn't need database like MySQL) and requires just one file to function. It is suitable for small websites, personal notebooks or journals. 
* 2016/02/06 After 4 years since last release, here's LionWiki 3.2.10 which adds compatibility with PHP 7.
* 2012/03/11 LionWiki 3.2.9 was released. Fixed bug in 3.2.8 which made ^{html} tag not working.
* 2012/01/25 LionWiki 3.2.8 was released. '''This is important security release! All users are urged to upgrade ASAP!'''
* 2011/05/07 LionWiki 3.2.7 was released, see [Changelog].

Older news can be found in [News archive].

LionWiki provides essential Wiki functionality like Wiki syntax, page history, last changes, renaming pages, password protection (both read and write) etc. More features are provided by [plugins|UserGuide: Plugins].

You can try all the features of LionWiki right on this website, preferably on [Sandbox].


Current version of LionWiki is You can choose from two downloads:
* [Full featured LionWiki|]LionWiki|] consisting of core file, templates, configuration file, language files and plugins.
* [Core LionWiki|]LionWiki|] consisting of just one file which contains everything needed for basic functions. It is exactly the same as index.php from full featured LionWiki.

Older versions can be found [here|./download/].

The only software requirement is PHP installation with version greater or equal to 4.3.installation. See [page on installation|UserGuide: Installation] for details.

LionWiki is considered to be finished and is not actively developed. It is however maintained and it's possible that development will be revived in the future. Help is very appreciated, especially bug reports, localizations and templates.developed anymore. If you have some question or suggestion, you can write me to

!!Disclaimer for developers
LionWiki was designed from the beginning to be very small and simple. It's architecture is trivial which means that it's core is quite hard to extend. It's also not suitable for studying purposes - there are a lot of examples of generally bad programming practices and PHP hacks which were used solely for sake of minimalism (to keep it as small as possible). Though, writing plugins which do not interfere with core's functionality is quite easy.

LionWiki was created by Adam Živnéř,, . The Homepage of LionWiki is at It was created as a fork of [WiKiss|] 0.3 ([Changes from WiKiss]) which is itself fork of TigerWiki (hence the name) which is a fork of roWiki (See [About LionWiki] for details).


{description:LionWiki is minimalist, file based, templatable wiki engine}
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