UserGuide: Configuration

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Configuration options are located in config.php file. If you don't have config.php file, you can edit index.php, configuration options are the same there (this is not recommended however. All changes will be lost after upgrading).

These values are important and you should change them (or consider changing them):

* $WIKI_TITLE is the name of your Wiki site
* $PASSWORD is the [SHA1|] hash of the password needed to write to pages (optionally to see pages). If left blank, no password is required to write (or read) pages. If you don't want to bother with making the hash, just use "sha1('your_desired_password');", it will be generated for you automatically.

These are not so important:

* $TEMPLATE is path to the template
* $PROTECTED_READ - if you want to protect pages not only from editing but also from seeing by unwanted visitors, you can set this variable to true. It's particularly useful when writing your private notebook or journal. For further discussion, see [UserGuide: How to use PROTECTED_READ].
* $NO_HTML - optional XSS protection, prohibits use of ^{html} tag. Default is off, it's useful only when site is protected by password.

Other, almost useless configuration options can be found on [More configuration|UserGuide: More configuration] page.

There are some [plugins|UserGuide: Plugins] in default installation. They are located (by default) in directory "plugins". 

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