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LionWiki can be downloaded on the frontpage of LionWiki website -

There are two possible versions to download:

!1) Core LionWiki
Core LionWiki consists of just one file. It's very easy to install and for most uses contains everything you need to run small wiki site. It's identical to index.php file found in ''full featured LionWiki''. If you find out, that you need some additional functionality, you can download any plugin from LionWiki website and place it into ''plugins'' directory (no installation needed). Core LionWiki comes with configuration and template integrated inside index.php, both can be changed inside index.php or overriden by using external template and/or config file.file...

!2) Full featured LionWiki
Full featured LionWiki is like a retail package. It comes with a lot of plugins, 5 templates and [Syntax reference] page. By default, LionWiki doesn't use its built-in configuration and template, but external configuration file (named ''_config.php'') and external template (as of version 2.2 it's ''template_dandelion.html''). Obviously, you won't need most plugins and templates, you can delete them.

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