UserGuide: ImageExt plugin

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LionWiki 3.2 brought a big change in handling images - we wanted more and more features but image syntax was far too limited.

As opposed to the core LionWiki functions this plugin provides these parameters:
* height, width - you can set both of them or just one, the other will be computed automatically
** image is resized and cached on the server side
* class, id, style - classic HTML attributes
* noborder - image has no border, does not have to have "the right side"
* thumb - image will be a link to the full resolution version. It does not make any sense to use it without also using width/height parameters, because then the images (thumb image and full resolution image) would be the same.


Resize the image, keep the aspect ratio, cache the result on the server:
{{ [./lion.jpg^|width=400] }}


Resize the image, but force strange apect ratio:
{{ [./lion.jpg^|width=400|height=100] }}


Noborder, link to the LionWiki website, set the title:
{{ [./lion.jpg^|noborder|^link=^|width=200|title=Lion title] }}

[./lion.jpg|noborder|link=|width=200|title=Lion title]

thumb, this is quite unusual use (original is smaller than "thumb"}:
{{ [./lion.jpg^|width=300|thumb] }}


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