UserGuide: Localization

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LionWiki comes with a few interface translations. By default, LionWiki tries to use language which is reported by browser as user's primary (see $USE_AUTOLANG in [configuration|UserGuide: Configuration]). If user's primary language is not supported, default language is used ($LANG, English by default).

Contributing new and updating existing translations is greatly appreciated!

!!SelectLanguage plugin
Sele{html}ctLanguageSelectLanguage plugin creates select box (drop down menu) in which user can choose preferred language. 

Usage: insert  into{plugin:SELECT_LANGUAGE} into your template {/html}(alternatively(alternatively ^
directly into a page content). {html}HTML code{/html} !Multilingual content Let's say you have page named "Biography" in German and you would like to make French variant. Rename page Biography to and create page named and insert French translation there. Then visitors whose browser identifies primary language as French will see It's recommended to create a [redirect|UserGuide: Redirects] from page Biography to default language variant. The obvious limitation is that page name has to stay the same in every language variant. That's not such a big problem with "Biography", but it can be worse with other names. This is recommended way to create multilingual content, there are more ways to do it. Useful feature to maintain multilingual content is Subpage mechanism, which is described in previous section or [PageVersions plugin|UserGuide: PageVersions plugin] (insert ^{VERSIONS} in the content and plugin will automatically detect and display all language variants of current page). {tags:localization, userguide}