Admin panel

Admin plugin provides advanced administration functions. It's useful for sites attacked by vandalism or spam. Because these functions are quite sensitive, they are protected by password (different from password needed to save pages).


Let's assume you already have wkp_Admin.php in your plugin directory. What you have to do is to create directory "plugins/Admin" and make it writable (777). If it already exists, just make sure it is also writable. Second thing is to set password (either in plain text or as MD5 hash), this is mandatory.


  • Blocked IPs is a list of IP which are prohibited from writing pages, usually because they erase content of pages, insert inappropriate content etc.
    • Access with index.php?action=admin-blockip
  • Blacklist is a list of prohibited words (or generally expressions). If page content contains one of these expressions, page will not be saved.
    • Access with index.php?action=admin-blacklist
  • Read-only pages is again list of pages which are set to be read-only. It's useful for important content which may be target of vandalism (e.g. Main page).
    • Access with index.php?action=admin-pages
  • Disabled plugins is a list of plugins which are present in plugins directory, but you want them to be disabled (may be temporary)
    • Access with index.php?action=admin-plugins

History of changes(Edit)

Admin plugin was introduced in LionWiki 2.0.

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