LionWiki 3.0

What is it?(Edit)

Major problem of LionWiki is its quite long and painful installation process (in some cases) which is caused by not so well designed directory structure. This release brings big change in this which allows very quick and easy installation no matter which or how many plugins you want to use.

On the other hand, LionWiki 3.0 doesn't bring any new feature. Compared to LionWiki 2.3, this release does not support:

  • writing compressed history, reading is still supported
  • does not use mbstring extension, considered unnecessary


Installation is easier than ever. The only thing you need to do (except for obvious uploading to FTP) is to make directory "var" writable (create it if it doesn't exist)!

Should I upgrade?(Edit)

In short, no. Right now, LionWiki 3.0 doesn't provide any benefit (except for eaiser upgrading in future) compared to 2.3 release. 2.3 release will be maintained for some time. LionWiki 3.0 is currently meant just for new installations.

I still want to upgrade

  • backup. If something goes wrong, you'll still have the option to start again
  • rename file _config.php to config.php (i.e. omit underscore)
  • create directory "var"
  • move following to the "var" directory:
    • "pages" directory
    • "history" directory
    • content of "plugins/data" directory (that doesn't mean you should move the directory)
    • "rss.xml" files (if exists, not really important)
    • "data" directory and rename it to "upload"
  • create directory "templates"
  • move all templates into "templates" directory
  • set new path to your template ("templates/my_favourite_template.html") in _config.php file