Upgrading to LionWiki 2.0

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Upgrading to LionWiki 2.0 from all 1.0 versions is quite straightforward. All the pages and history are compatible, no need to convert anything.

Upgrading in one sentence: just copy content of archive to your FTP account and rewrite everything.

Let's divide upgrading to two situations:

Upgrading full-feature LionWiki(Edit)

(This means core LionWiki plus plugins, templates etc.)

  • Backup your config file (usually _config.php)
  • Download, unpack and copy files from archive to your FTP account. Overwrite all files.
  • Edit _config.php and set them as you want - you may use values in your old config file
  • If you want to use Admin plugin, make directory plugins/data/ writable, i.e. set permissions to 777
  • If you want to use Upload plugin, make directory data/ writable, i.e. set permissions to 777
  • That's it

Upgrading core LionWiki(Edit)

(That means you don't have any templates, plugins and language versions installed)

  • Backup your config file, if you use one (if not, backup your values from index.php)
  • Overwrite index.php with 2.0 version index.php
  • Fill config values appropriately

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