UserGuide: AjaxEditing plugin


AJAX is a buzzword of another buzzword, web 2.0. Who isn't "AJAX powered" simply can't be cool. So here comes AjaxEditing which brings "coolness" into LionWiki. But don't worry, LionWiki is still pure non-AJAX application so if you delete or deactivate this plugin, it will work as in good old times.

What can it do(Edit)

As of now (LionWiki 2.3), this plugin can't edit whole pages, just paragraphs. This is good for compatibility reasons, even if AJAX editing doesn't work, there's still the conventional way to do it.

However, the editing appears in place of the current paragraph

It's important to note that when editing using this plugin, edit conflict detection doesn't work. this is



  • $rows_min, $rows_max - Number of rows of edit textarea reflects number of lines of edited paragraphs. Too big or too small edit textarea wouldn't be good, so we have some upper and lower limits.


We need something to trigger edit operation. This trigger can essantially be any JavaScript event.

  • trigger_edit_click - click on the (edit) link in the heading triggers AJAX editing
  • trigger_heading_doubleclick - doubleclick on heading triggers AJAX editing

Send me your ideas for some other cool triggers!


Here you can customize the edit template

Supported browsers(Edit)

This plugin uses quite heavily JavaScript, it is therefore quite browser dependant. So far, plugin was tested with:

  • Firefox 3
  • Opera 9.6
  • Konqueror 4.1.4
  • SeaMonkey 2.0a2
  • IE 6 on W2K Advanced Data Server
  • Google Chrome

How to turn it off?(Edit)

If you don't like this plugin or it doesn't work well for you, you can turn it off in exactly the same way as other plugins:

  • delete plugins/wkp_AjaxEditing.php
  • rename plugins/wkp_AjaxEditing.php to e.g. plugins/wkp_AjaxEditing.txt