UserGuide: Configuration

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Configuration options are located in config.php file. If you don't have config.php file, you can edit index.php, configuration options are the same there (this is not recommended however. All changes will be lost after upgrading).

These values are important and you should change them (or consider changing them):

These are not so important:

Other, almost useless configuration options can be found on More configuration page.


There are some plugins in default installation. They are located (by default) in directory "plugins".


Plugin installation and activation is done by simply copying the plugin file(s) to the "plugins" directory.

If you want to deactivate some plugin, you have at least three options:

  • Delete plugin file.
  • Rename them. LionWiki accepts plugins with specific filename - it must start with "wkp_" and end with ".php".
  • Deactivate them in Admin plugin, like here.

Plugin configuration(Edit)

Plugins are basically PHP classes with some member variables — some of these member variables are configuration options. So if you want to change e.g. password in Admin plugin, open plugins/wkp_Admin.php in text editor and change $PASSWORD member variable.

Configuration in config.php(Edit)

Plugins configuration explained above has one serious flaw - when you upgrade your installation to newer version of LionWiki, all settings is lost. Since LionWiki 3.1 it is possible to configure plugins in config.php file:

$Admin["PASSWORD"] = "my_password";

So, you take a look at the member variable name in the plugin class and use it as a member of an array named after plugin.