UserGuide: Creating navigation menus

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Navigation menus are quite advanced topic in LionWiki because you'll need to know Subpage mechanism and probably little bit of HTML too.

There are two options:

I want one menu in every single page(Edit)

Probably the best way to do this is to include your menu into HTML template (e.g. template_dandelion.html).

Now again, two ways to do this (in HTML):

  1. create page (called e.g. "myMenu") and write menu in it and then put Warning: subpage myMenu was not found! into the template on the right position.
  2. just write actual menu right into the template file

The first way has obvious advantage in that you don't have to connect to your FTP if you want to edit menu, you can do it easily within your browser.

I want different menus in different pages(Edit)

This is a little bit more complicated but you can also create e.g. tree navigation menus ...