UserGuide: Plugins

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LionWiki contains only basic functionality, more advanced features are provided by plugins.

Plugins distributed with LionWiki(Edit)

  • Admin provides means to block IPs, disable plugins etc.
  • AjaxEditing
  • Captcha is spam filtering plugin
  • Footnotes
  • Index inserts list of all pages into a page
  • InlineDiff provides high quality revision diffs
  • Install plugin helps with installation
  • ListPlugins is simple example plugin which prints installed plugins together with description and their functions
  • Meta inserts into HTML head meta tags description and keywords
  • PageVersions creates list (either bulleted or comma separated) of (language) variants of a page
  • RSS generates RSS channel with page changes
  • Script can insert both inline and external JavaScript into a page
  • SelectLanguage and SelectTemplate which creates simple select box to choose from language/template
  • Tables is plugin providing syntax for creating tables
  • Tags creates non-hierarchical categorization
  • Upload plugin
  • WhatLinksHere generates list of pages which contain link to specified page, especially useful when moving pages

Standalone plugins(Edit)


Plugins are usually configurable, their settings are located right in the plugin file usually near the beginning of the file.

Writing plugins(Edit)

We have special page for this, see How to write a plugin.