UserGuide: Script plugin

Script plugin provides inserting both inline and external JavaScript.

Example syntax:

{script}alert('Hello world!');{/script} 

Will obviously insert this script into the page (and therefore activate it)

{script label="Say hello!" title="Greeting" key="g"}alert('Hello world!');{/script} 

Will create link with text "Say hello!", tooltip "Greeting" and access key "g". It will activate after clicking on this link.

{script src="path_to_javascript_file.js"}{/script} 

Will insert this external JavaScript file into the page.

{script show}alert('Hello world!');{/script} 

Will do the same but also displays source code.

Most attributes can be combined freely, but their order is fixed! Order is:

src, label, title, key, show

Written by Swen Wetzel,, some minor changes made by Adam Zivner

Download and installation(Edit)

Script plugin is not a part of official LionWiki distribution. You can download it from here. Extract the archive to plugins/ directory and that's it.