UserGuide: Subpages

This feature is available since LionWiki 2.0.

Subpages are useful when you need to insert some common content into multiple pages. Example could be list of available language versions of some page - you would probably want to insert this into every language variant. That's ok, but what happens when you want to add one more language variant? You have to update list in all other language variants. Subpage mechanism solves this problem by creating page which contains this list and including this page into all the variants with special keyword. Then, if you want to add one language variant, you need to add it to just one page. Another useful application could be Menu displayed on every page.

Including page is done with keyword {include:page_to_be_included}.

You can use the same syntax to include page in template (i.e. not in page content), but in this case, whole content of this subpage must be in HTML (you can, but not have to enclose it in {html} and {/html}).

You can also take a look at the page UserGuide: Creating navigation menus.