UserGuide: Tags plugin

The Tags plugin provides nonhiearchical categorizing. It can display a Tag List and/or a Tag Cloud.

To specify a page's tags use:

 {tags:Biography, LionWiki, Another tag} 

Though please note that tags are not case sensitive.

The plugin supports both a Tag List (shows tags for current page) and a Tag Cloud (shows all tags). You can display them on every page by inserting {plugin:TAG_LIST} or {plugin:TAG_CLOUD} into your template. To use them individual pages use {TAG_LIST} or {TAG_CLOUD}.

Internals: tags for all pages are stored in one file - usually plugins/data/tags.txt. This file has simple format - it's filled with pairs of lines. First line is name of the page and second is comma separated list of tags belonging to this page.

Regenerating tag file(Edit)

Since LionWiki 3.0.8, it is possible to regenerate tag file from all pages at once. Use link with ?action=regenerate-tags

This is suitable for situations when you lost the tag file, or it is corrupted.

Note that this feature is quite slow for big websites - it must go through all the pages, read them, parse them and write the tag file.